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Hydroponic growing is a method of controlled environmental agriculture that allows for each aspect of growing to be optimized. Instead of soil, plants grow in rockwool cubes that float in a nutrient-rich reservoir, which delivers water and nutrients directly to the plants' roots. Full-spectrum LED lights maximize growth and flavour of our greens. Our vertical farm utilizes an active, deep water culture, closed-loop system. 

Learn more about the benefits of hydroponic growing, our unit in particular, and plans for our products.

A Sustainable, Year Round Solution for Fresh Produce

Research on vertical and hydroponic farming is expanding and continuously demonstrates the benefits of these systems. With climate change affecting the reliability of growing seasons in our region, agriculture that is grown indoors, in a controlled environment, is a crucial piece to making our communities more resilient and self-sufficient, all year round. 

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Full Automation

Automated systems allow everything to be tracked and controlled so that plants receive the optimal balance of light, air, nutrients and temperature!

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Minimal Transport

Growing in an urban setting lowers carbon emissions because food needs to travel less miles before reaching your table! Plus, we deliver in an electric vehicle. 

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Less Resources

Hydroponic systems use less water because it gets re-cycled through the system, and less land because we stack rows on top of one another.

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Fresher, Longer

Produce can be harvested and delivered in the very same day, which extends the shelf life by weeks!

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No Pesticides

Since there is so much control over the growing system, there is not need for pesticides. We use biological fungicides to prevent some diseases, which are completely natural.

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Community Engagement

Our farm will provide teaching opportunities and encourage collaboration with other local organizations. 

Interested in becoming a regular supplier of Cranbrook Urban Farm greens?

Are you a local grocer, restaurant, or organization looking for a consistent, year-round supply of delicious greens? Let's work together!

Growcer Modular Food Solutions

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Growcer is a Canadian company that designs and builds modular hydroponic farms. We decided to choose this brand's pre-fabricated unit based on their demonstrated success in providing quality produce in extreme climates, their extensive project and training support, and their ongoing commitment to research and development. 

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